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Just read a forwarded mail: 3 Trees
Oh, how lofty and high their dreams and ambitions were. Not unlike when I was little and the teacher asked our class what our ambitions and dreams were. Some will say, “My ambition is to be a pilot”. Some, “My ambition is to be a doctor”. A lawyer, a nurse, a teacher. I remember mine was to be a neurosurgeon in primary.
Back to the little 3 trees. One wanted to be filled with the finest treasures on earth, but was made into a feed box in a manger, one wanted to carry the great kings and queens of the world but was made into a fishing boat, one wanted to be the biggest, tallest, strongest tree, reach and be close to God, but was cut up into pieces and left in a barn.
In the end, Tree One nestled the baby born on Christmas day, Tree Two carried the humble carpenter, King of Kings and Tree Three was the beam from which the King gave up His right.
In the end, each of the trees got what they wanted, just not in the way they imagined.
I am thinking of all those times when I asked, why, why have I been asking for something for so many years and I don’t see it happening?
Could it be, could it just be that I will get what I want, just not in the way I thought I would?
Well, dare I hope?