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Surprise a Success!

As my mom’s birthday drew near, I was wondering what I should do. Gifts? Have a bouquet of flowers delivered? Sent a loving message? Call her early in the morning?
In the end, I decided to surprise her by going home unexpectedly on that weekend. *Rub hands.
Having decided that, I wasted no time roping in the family for help. First, I got one sister to go home with me. Then another to agree to pick us up. The dad and the brother was included in the plans, we need everybody to work together to pull this off!
And so, the day dawned for us to go home. I barely had 3 hours of sleep, yes, I was a zombie. Trudged to the florist early morn to get the bouquet of flowers.
Some last minute hiccups which included the place planned was reluctantly accepted, so the sister had to go home and find out where they planned to go. Arranged for the dad to pick us instead. Mom was seriously in a chillax mode. No hurry at all.
So dad picked us, and we reached the original destination planned, PANIC! It was closed!
Emergency calls and last minute changes to the plans. We reached the new destination in due time and had time to set up the place and plan our surprise birthday song singing and presentation.
We pulled it OFF! The look on mom’s face, and her eyes that caressed the bouquet of flowers even after she has sat down, basking in love. It was worth every brain cell getting killed in the process of this.
Along the way the hiccups will go down in history as a story to tell our sons and daughters. Our siblings will have a nutsy time and gales of laughter recalling this. I loved the weeked! 😉