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Grief has a funny way of reaching through the chest, past the protective layer of flesh, to the bone, the, rib-cage, past those veins and arteries, right to that pumping heart and squeezing the very life out of it.
Never letting go, ohhh, yes, grief sure likes to ride on the wind while it lasts.
Grief has a way of turning your face away when you come to the places where you once shared meals or drinks.
Grief has a way of slapping you right across that face when you come face to face with the happiest memories.
Grief has a way of making you yearn for even the saddest memories with that company.
Grief has a way of slamming into you just around corner, leaving you gasping.
Grief has a way of stalking you, pinching your nose, while you struggle to breathe.
Grief has a way of creeping into those moments right before you sleep and snatching away rest.
Grief has a way of stealing your attention in the busiest moments.
Grief has a way of making you cry like a sobbing baby in the most mundane of moments.

Grief, that unrelenting, forceful, slave driver, whom we hate vehemently.

Now this is the irony. And yet.
It’s through grief that the heart develops into a stronger organ.
It’s through grief the heart heals.
It’s through grief that we learn to let go.
It’s through grief that we learn to grow.
It’s through grief that we learn to appreciate.
It’s through grief that we learn to cherish.
It’s through grief that life gives us moments weaved with unspeakable joy.

If the depth of the feelings were not as deeply rooted, could we have felt the sorrow as deeply? Thrown back our heads and laughed with such abandon? Felt joy and hope springing from that deep spring within?
The two opposing ends of the spectrum, as deeply as one has felt the joy, as deeply shall the grief be felt.
There’s no escaping those two. It’s a risk one takes. When we chase for the joy, we run the risk of facing the grief too.
Maybe, maybe we cry, not so much for the lost of those happy memories, maybe we grief for the happy memories that could have been made but now will never have the chance to be born.