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what if…

I stretched. I heard bones creaking, I hear little “twacks” coming from my joints, I feel the muscle aches. I allowed those two words to drift into my mind and linger. Interesting how two short, petite words can speak with such volumes. What if…
I allowed my imagination to run a little wild here.
What if I really get to marry the man I love?
What if I really get to have my dreams?
What if I really get to go where I want to go?
What if I really get to experience what I desire most?
What if I really get to have the freedom I want?
The possibility seems endless when I think about it, when I allowed myself the luxury to pause for a moment and think about the “what ifs”.
It’s been awhile.
I welcomed it like an old friend whom I’ve lost touch with. Cautiously, yet the familiarity comforts me, if it was a little rusty. That needs a little work. But maybe, just maybe one day, I could finally say, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!”

toss and turn

Sleepless nights are no fun.
Toss and turn, toss and turn.
Questions and thoughts stalking and stomping across your tired brain.
Eyelids refusing to open, brain refuses to shut down.
Rest is a fantasy.
Waking up, feeling like there was no rest.
Would it have been better not to sleep at all?
If that constitutes as sleep even.