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gripping dream

It’s been awhile since I’ve been so gripped by a dream. it was so real, in terms of the emotions I felt, yet, I knew it wasn’t true because I was in sleep wear at a formal dinner. It just doesn’t make sense.
But the feelings were real enough.
It was so gripping, that fear in my heart. I know this is what the sayings mean when it says one’s heart is torn apart.
I digress.
I woke up at dawn, to the chill, maybe of the weather, maybe of the heart. My heart pounded, I sat up and the tears slid down my cheeks involuntarily. A lump in my throat.
It’s been months and yet the wound’s still as fresh and raw as it was the day it was inflicted. Sigh, when does healing happen? When do the tears stop?
Days like these, I wonder if the tears will ever dry up. I wonder if the dull ache in my heart will ever go away.
What a way to start the week with!