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Don’t ask! I’ve no idea what those wines recommended are and where to get them!

Bali? To be considered…

Crap, the thing is I can never tell right after taking a picture if it’s blurry. So disappointing when it comes out on the computer and it is. Anyways, I still like it.


The specs I read meant little to me. Titanium, aluminium, speed…a single word comes to mind. Light.
As fast as light, as light as air.
But one fact stuck in my mind. Cars like these can go from 0kph to 140kph and back to 0kph in 1 second?
Haha, I took one second to write “one second”. Fast.


The man behind the Mandarin version of Superwoman.
Lately I’ve been photographing news from magazines. Interesting way to get news. Any copyrights policy do you think?

Sad Bear

My colleague has this really sad looking bear sitting on her dashboard. She loves that bear, it’s been with her since she started driving.
What is the little bear thinking?
“I wish I could get out and experience the world instead of sitting in here watching the world go by, they seem to be having so much fun out there.”
Little bear might have a point.

Favourite Breakfast

The view from where I am sitting. Quiet residential area.

That morning was a little cloudy so it was good to sit out and enjoy the cool breeze and fresh air.

Favourite food, breakfast food.
I know, don’t tell me I make you hungry. Go and open up that frying pan and cook your own!

Luxury Chocolates

Coffee and cheesecake

A mouthful of creamy cheesecake with the taste lingering on your tastebuds, take a sip of coffee. The fragrant and contrasting flavors tingles on your tastebuds.
I tell you, there’s no dessert like coffee and cheesecake.


Past midnight and I couldn’t sleep. I was watching Paycheck on television. I thought I haven’t watched it before but I think I have, I vaguely remember some of the scenes.
Ben Affleck and Uma Thurman stars. The good engineer creates a super machine that enables men to look into the future. That was going to make him filthy rich, agrees to sell it to the highest bidder and have his memory wiped so he can’t create another. He’s used the machine to see into HIS future, knows his buyer’s going to seal off all exits and have him murdered, leaves a trail and clues to save his own life and the woman he loves. He gave up 3 years of his memory. In the end realizing that the machine he created means the world will end because men saw into the future.
Working backwards, men saw the future and men makes the future happen like he saw it. Isn’t it ironic?
Anyway, it had a happy ending. Good guy destroys machine and lives happily ever after with the woman he loves. Uma Thurman’s eyes are so arrestingly blue.
On an unrelated note, pictures above taken in KLCC on a cloudy afternoon a few weeks ago.

From an ant’s point of view

SPM Results

Call me ignorant. I didn’t even know that the results for last year came out. LOL
That was until my sister told me my youngest sister had got her results.
It was pretty good and I’m proud of her. She was telling me about applying for universities and scholarships.
That transported me back to the time when I was doing the same thing a few years ago. Okay, maybe more than a few years ago. Okay maybe nearer a decade ago. Crap! That IS a long time ago.
It was a confusing time when I didn’t know what I wanted to study. Come on, how could I know what I wanted to be for the rest of my life at 18? Honestly, I just wanted to play. 😉
I was not one of those committed few who knew that they like medicine or engineering and was so focused on doing a course and then being a doctor and have a career in engineering forever. I knew what I like. But what I liked was apparaently too generic to have a course for. Or so generic that a number of courses covered it.
Ah, well…I never regretted how the course of my life turned out. I wouldn’t trade a second of my life because I realized that I’ve learnt lessons at each turning point, at each crossroads, for eac of the decisions I voluntarily made or was forced to make.
Hmm, maybe I should trade my entire life…bad joke. 😉
For my sister, I know she’s got her own decisions to make. I know she’s got her own choices and life to lead. But I hope she knows that her family will stand by her for life and she’s never to fear.
So cheers to my baby sister who’s venturing into adulthood and life decisions.