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jodi picoult

I wonder if Julia feels like it has been moments, not years, since we’ve been together. If sitting at this counter with me feels as effortless for her as it does for me. It’s like picking up an unfamiliar piece of sheet music and starting to stumble through it, only to realize it is a melody you’d once learned by heart, one you can play without even trying.

– My Sister’s Keeper –

My breath catches in my throat and my heart skips a beat, because I knew exactly what the writer was trying to convey. How it felt, how that familiarity courses through the very hour spent together. I literally put down the book, to take a deep breath.

with or without

It took a lot out of me to extend the invitation.
It took me a pint of something ot actually loosen my tongue tied state.
It took a sleep deprived mind who can’t care less what comes out of the mouth to send the invite.
It had been nail biting for a while.
I had purposed in my heart that with or without, this journey is going to be made. Whether the invitee comes along for the ride, life still goes on.
I am prepared to move solo, and I know it will be an awesome time. This journey will not be any less complete.
Company will add joy to it. Immensely. But if I can’t have the company I desire, I would rather not have any.