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I gave yesterday’s question quite a bit of thought. And it dawned on me that the only thing I cannot live without is God. Just that.
People look upon those who need to depend on something, like religion, like God, as weak. But I think those that think like that are merely too proud.
Too proud to admit that you’re not right all the time, too proud to admit that you’re not strong all the time and too prud to admit you have weaknesses. Oh yes, it take strength and courage to ADMIT that you too have faults.
where would I be without the soothing peace that comes upon me when my heart is ravaged and bleeding? What would I do without the solid rock to sustain me when the strong tides pulls me away and tries to drown me in sorrow? How could I go on without blurting everything out to the ever patient listener and finding solutions in His wisdom?
Well, it’s a very simple answer after all.

I cannot live without God.

What can’t you live without?

I picke up a colleague’s mobile she’d left behind. A moment later, she breezed back in, I handed her the mobile and she held on to it like a life raft and said, “Thank goodness, I cannot live without my phone!”
I was flabbergasted!
I have no qualms whatsoever of leaving my mobile at home and not being terribly worried about it, if I am out with my family. Techinically, they are the ones who get really worried when they cannot find me, and of which I am afraid will contact me in case of emergencies. So, if I am with them, the phone can sit nicely on top of my upright piano and stay there silently until I return from wherever I am out gadding.
So, yes, I can live without my mobile.
Yes, I can live without Facebook. Ha! Now I am sure I have heard this phrase being wondered alound more than once, when this question surfaced.
“What did you do with your time before Facebook was invented?”
“Hmmmmmmmm, I cannot remember.”
Well, well, well.
I can live without coffee, yes, I love it. That bitter, aromatic, rich, dark brew.
I can even live without the man I love.
Just threw a spanner in the works for those sappy, lovestruck kids didn’t I?
It doesn’t make me love him any less, I will probably throw myself in front of a truck if it saves him. I will be the peacemaker between him and his family if it helps him. I will gladly travel to the South Africa and take a photo of the majestic lion if that is his favourite animal. I will go and buy wine from Chianti if that is what he desired for his birthday.
But, yes, I can go days without hearing his voice, without knowing how he is, what he’s doing. Truating that my prayers for him to be safe and unharmed are answered.
What’s the one thing I cannot live without then?
I gave it quite a lot of thought, I mulled over it like a cow chewing cud and watching the sun set over the clover filled grass in the valley.